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Cheese Producers News Update - Northeastern U.S. Cheese Prices

Cheese producers and retailers in the Northeastern U.S. have noticed a positive trend in recent weeks. Cooler temperatures have led to increased milk volumes and bottling orders, so cheese plant managers now have enough supplies to produce cheese. Although the supply is adequate, labor issues are making production slower than usual.

Market Demand

When it comes to demand, cheddar remains the most sought-after American-type cheese. There is also strong demand for mozzarella from food service customers. Conventional cheese ads in retail stores have also surged by 35% from the week before. Shredded cheese, in 6-8-ounce packages, was especially popular at a weighted average advertised price of $2.50, down 18 cents from last week.

Cheese Prices

The latest industry pricing on cheese blocks showed that the market prices for blocks closed at $1.9650 last Wednesday and rose to $2.0150. Wholesale selling prices for cheddar and muenster in the Northeastern U.S. have gone up by a cent, but prices for process cheese have decreased by $0.0375. Swiss cheese prices are unchanged.

Export Assistance Program

The cooperative export assistance program has accepted requests for export assistance this week on contracts to sell 2.7 million pounds (1,200 metric tons) of American-type cheeses, bringing the total of such cheeses assisted to 31.1 million pounds so far this year.

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