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Private Label Cheese Packaging Types

In the competitive world of private label cheese products, choosing the right packaging is essential to ensure the product's freshness, quality, and extended shelf life. Different packaging methods offer unique advantages, catering to various cheese types and consumer preferences. In this article, we will explore some common private label cheese packaging types, including individual wrapped cheese sticks, slice on slice, and slice on slice interweave.

Cryovac, Tiromat, and Multivac:

Cryovac, Tiromat, and Multivac are popular packaging methods used for private label cheese products. These methods involve vacuum sealing the cheese, removing the air from the package and creating a tight seal. Vacuum sealing helps to preserve the cheese's freshness by preventing exposure to oxygen, which can cause spoilage. These packaging techniques are efficient and widely used for various cheese types, including shredded, sliced, and block cheese.

Private Label Individual Wrapped Cheese Sticks

Individual Wrapped Cheese Sticks:

For convenient snacking and portion control, individual wrapped cheese sticks have become a popular choice in the private label cheese market. Each cheese stick is separately wrapped, providing an easy-to-grab option for consumers on the go. The individual wrapping helps to maintain freshness and prevents contamination, making it an ideal choice for school lunches, picnics, and snacks.

Private Label Cheese Slice on Slice cheese for food service

Slice on Slice:

The slice on slice packaging method involves placing individual cheese slices on top of each other, separated by a protective layer to prevent sticking. This type of packaging is commonly used for cheese slices intended for sandwiches, burgers, and other culinary applications. Slice on slice packaging ensures that each slice is easy to separate, minimizing waste and allowing for convenient usage.

Private Label Cheese Slice on Slice Interweave cheese slices

Slice on Slice Interweave:

Slice on slice interweave takes the packaging concept further by interweaving individual cheese slices together. This method allows for easy dispensing of cheese slices while maintaining their individuality. It is particularly useful for food-service operations, where quick and efficient access to cheese slices is essential.

Vacuum Sealed Cheese Packaging nitrogen flushed private label cheese sticks cheese packaging

Vacuum Sealed vs. Nitrogen Flushed:

In the private label cheese market, you will often find two main packaging options: vacuum sealed and nitrogen flushed. Vacuum-sealed packages remove the air from the packaging, providing an oxygen-free environment that helps maintain the cheese's quality. This method allows for a longer shelf life, often up to one year, for certain cheese varieties.

On the other hand, nitrogen flushing involves replacing the air inside the package with nitrogen gas, acting as a protective barrier. While this method is effective and extends the cheese's shelf life, it typically provides up to six months of freshness.

Private Label Cheese Packaging Summary:

In summary, the choice of cheese packaging plays a vital role in the success of private label products. From vacuum-sealed options like Cryovac, Tiromat, and Multivac to individually wrapped cheese sticks and innovative slice on slice packaging methods, each approach offers distinct advantages. Private label brands must carefully consider their product requirements and consumer preferences to make informed decisions and deliver high-quality cheese products to the market.

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