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Cheese Producers News: New Market Trends to Look Out For

The cheese producers in the Northeastern U.S. region have experienced considerable disruptions from the hot, humid weather and flooding in areas of New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. As a result, milk production has been affected and the storage space for cheese is now scarce. Despite the challenges, the market prices for cheese blocks on industry cash exchanges closed at a good $1.4750 and rose to $1.5850 as of publishing this report. Furthermore, according to the National Retail Report, shredded cheese in 6-8-ounce packages was the most advertised conventional cheese product, with an advertised price of $2.40.

Wholesale Selling Prices Delivered

The below prices for Cheddar Block, Muenster, American Process Cheese, and Swiss Grade A Cheese are accurate between July 17th-21st 2023.

Cheddar 40 Pound Blocks

Low: $1.9500
High: $2.2375
Region: Northeastern U.S.


Low: $1.9375
High: $2.2875
Region: Northeastern U.S.

Process American 5 Pound Sliced

Low: $1.5050
High: $1.9850
Region: Northeastern U.S.

Swiss 10-14 Pound Cuts

Low: $3.5400
High: $5.8625
Region: Northeastern U.S.

As this market continues to fluctuate, it is important for consumers and producers alike to stay informed and up-to-date on current trends. Good cheese prices and consumer demands remain steady, but the restaurants are dragging in prices due to menu inflation. Those in the cheese industry are always encouraged to keep a close watch on the market to ensure profitability.

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