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Cheese Producers News: Midwestern Cheese Market Trends for October 11, 2023

The cheese market in the Midwest is continuing to find a steady footing, even as milk offers remain relatively quiet and available components maintain at elevated levels. Cheese production has shifted lower throughout the region, but inventories appear to remain in balance with current demand. Barrel and block producers report few near-term inventory excess as prices remain at or above Class III.

Class III Prices Remain At\/Near $1 Above

Makers are noting similar prices on the spot milk market in the region as last week. Offers of $.25 above class have not been passed along, so producers remain steadied at prices at or near $1 over Class III. There are some reports of a few plants being down for scheduled maintenance, but production and component levels have remained steady for now.

Healthy Cheese Demand

Buyers are keeping their eyes fixed on the market as cheese demand has been reported as healthy for the region. Inventory is not expected to boom with limited milk availability and increased prices, yet barrel and block suppliers report few near-term concerns of too-large stock piles.

Assistance Programs Available To Producers

A cooperative export assistance program has accepted requests for export assistance on contracts to sell 84,000 pounds of American-type cheese and 267,000 pounds of cream cheese. Through the end of this year, the program will continue to assist member cooperatives with product contracts in export markets totaling 36.4 million pounds of American-type cheese and 7.2 million pounds of cream cheese.

Stay Informed on CheeseProducers News

Cheese producers in the Midwest can benefit from staying informed and up-to-date on developments in the cheese market. With steady demand and prices remaining at or above Class III, the market is set to remain in a steady but healthy state. To stay atop of cheese news, trends, and other essential information, consider following the Otter Foods LinkedIn page here.