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Cheese Producers News: Midwestern Cheese Market Sees Steady Demand and Pricing

Midwestern cheesemakers are reporting a steady demand and customer orders continues to be ramped up. Despite the availability of milk supplies, cheesemakers are pushing their capacity limits to meet the needs of their clients. Similar notes can be observed among barrel producers as well, with extra barrel loads moving readily.

When it comes to sources of milk, it is still easily available in the Upper Midwest. Not surprisingly, it is the central and southern states where the supplies are becoming tighter. In these areas, milk prices are even below the Class III, while they have been reported at Class in the other states.

Wholesale Prices Unchanging for Swiss

Wholesale prices for the Midwestern states have had some variation and here is a quick summary: There were no changes in prices for Swiss cuts, while process prices went down by $0.0325 and all other types saw a $0.0425 increase.

Expect Milk Supply Limitations in Upcoming Production

Market contacts are suggesting that seasonal milk supply limitations could lead to production issues and boost market prices. As of now, though, the market is under a noticeable bearish pressure.

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