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European Cheese Production Impacted by Tightening Milk Volumes

Milk production is reaching seasonal lows across parts of Europe according to industry sources while cheese makers are reporting a busy production schedule. This is in spite of the impact that lower milk volumes have had on European cheese production.

Retail Demand for Cheese Remain Strong

Retail demand for cheese is remaining strong. European shoppers have been increasing their purchases in anticipation of early October holidays. Cheese sales for the food service industry is also steady.

European Cheese Inventories Near Empty

Because of declining production and strong-to-steady demand, European cheese Inventories are becoming increasingly slim. This is making it difficult for some cheesemakers to meet demands from spot purchasers looking for additional loads, leading to higher cheese prices.

CME Cheese Market Trends

The Collection and publication of Cheese - Foreign Type, Wholesale Selling Prices, have concluded with Report 39, 2023. Prices appearing in the table below are now listed as \"0\". Changes to the Dairy Market News have been initiated in order to remove this table from reports going forward:

WHOLESALE SELLING PRICES: FOB DISTRIBUTORS DOCK DOLLARS PER POUND (1000 - 5000 POUNDS, MIXED LOTS): NEW YORK VARIETY: IMPORTED: DOMESTIC: Blue: 0 : 0 Gorgonzola: 0 : 0 Parmesan: 0 : 0 Romano: 0 : 0 Sardo Romano (Argentina): 0 : 0 Reggianito (Argentina): 0 : 0 Jarlsberg: 0 : 0 Swiss: 0 : 0 Swiss (Finland): 0 : 0

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