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Cheese Producers News: Consumers Reap Benefits from Lower Prices as Cheese Market Tightens

As Europe continues to see a decline in milk production, retail demand for cheese is still strong but inflation is pushing retailers to focus their marketing efforts on smaller packaging. Despite tightening milk availability, the demand for cheese is outstripping production and cheese warehouses are struggling to meet customer demands. To meet this increasing demand, there have been adjustment in foreign wholesale cheese prices.

Foreign Cheese Produce Price Adjustments

United States domestic cheese prices have seen a reduction of .1375 in Swiss prices and a small increase for blue, gorgonzola, parmesan and romano types. Foreign cheese prices from Europe, such as sardo romano, reggianito, jarlsberg and Swiss (Finland), have also seen shifts. Check out the table below for morepricedetails:

Wholesale Selling Prices as of 2023-09-06

Variety Imported Domestic
Blue $2.6400 - $5.2300 $2.2975 - $3.7850 *
Gorgonzola $3.6900 - $5.7400 $2.8050 - $3.5225*
Parmesan $0.0 $2.6875 - $4.7750*
Romano $0.0 $3.4875 - $5.6425*
Sardo Romano (Argentina) $2.8500 - $4.7800 $0.0
Reggianito (Argentina) $3.2900 - $4.7800 $0.0
Jarlsberg $2.9500 - $6.4500 $0.0
Swiss $0.0 $3.1625 - $3.4875*
Swiss (Finland) $2.6700 - $2.9300 $0.0

* Price Change. Information for the period September 4 - 8, 2023, issued weekly.

The positive news in this market shift? Consumers can enjoy the benefits of lower prices for imported and domestic cheese. While prices remain low, producers suggest taking advantage of the opportunity to stock up on cheese for the coming months.

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