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Cheese Producers News: Latest Foreign Market Trends

The cheese industry across Europe is facing a number of challenges which are impacting cheese makers’ production schedules. While demand from purchasers in southern European vacation destinations remains strong, food service cheese sales have been hampered due to inflation and adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, retailers’ cheese demands remain healthy and cheesemakers are struggling to keep up with the robust demand due to tight warehouse inventory.

Wholesale Price Adjustments for Foreign Type Cheese

United States domestic cheese prices have decreased $.0675 for blue, gorgonzola, parmesan and romano. All other prices remain unchanged. The wholesale selling prices for foreign type cheeses for the period of August 28 - September 1 2023 are given below, based on the FOB Distributors Dock Dollars-per-pound (1000-5000 pounds, mixed lots):

New York Variety

  • Blue: 2.6400-5.2300
  • Gorgonzola: 3.6900-5.7400
  • Parmesan: -0-
  • Romano: -0-
  • Sardo Romano (Argentina): 2.8500-4.7800
  • Reggianito (Argentina): 3.2900-4.7800
  • Jarlsberg: 2.9500-6.4500
  • Swiss (Finland): 2.6700-2.9300
  • Blue: 2.2700-3.7575*
  • Gorgonzola: 2.7775-3.4950*
  • Parmesan: 2.6600-4.7475*
  • Romano: 3.4600-5.6150*

* =Price Change

CME Cheese Prices

The following table outlines the CME Cheese Prices for the week beginning August 31 2023.

Date Barrel Cost Block, 40lb Cost
August 31 2023 1.8600 1.9925
August 30 2023 1.8600 1.9925
August 29 2023 1.8600 1.9925
August 28 2023 1.8000 1.9450
August 25 2023 1.8000 1.9450

It is evident from the market trends that foreign cheese demand remains robust, but cheese producers must contend with the constraints of tight warehouse inventories in order to meet that demand. CME cheese prices remain steady and, though domestic cheese type prices have decreased slightly, foreign type cheese prices remain unchanged.

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