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Cheese Producers News: CME Prices and Market Update for August of 2023

Cheesemakers across the country are pushing to keep up with rising demand while facing potential slowed output due to extreme weather conditions. Reports are showing that retail demand varies regionally while food service sales remain strong. Exports of cheese remain steady in Europe. Prices remain somewhat steady as cheese purchasers seem to be hesitant to commit to prices at higher levels. In the United States, domestic cheese prices had a slight increase of $.0100 for blue, gorgonzola, parmesan, and romano.

Wholesale Selling Prices

Wholesale selling prices for most cheese varieties originated from the Foreign Type category had either a slight increase or remained unchanged. Additionally, the prices for barrel and block cheese from CME remain fairly steady.

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Current Week CME
Cheese Market Avg
2023-10-09 - 2023-10-11

Barrel : $1.602 $0.049
Block : $1.703 $0.001

Previous Week CME
Cheese Market Avg
2023-10-02 - 2023-10-06

Barrel : $1.553 $0.035
Block : $1.702 $-0.045

Last Month CME
Cheese Market Avg
October 2023

Barrel : $1.571 $-0.135
Block : $1.702 $-0.153

Previous Month CME
Cheese Market Avg
September 2023

Barrel : $1.707 $-0.032
Block : $1.855 $-0.033