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Cheese Producers News: Consumer Prices as of 2023-08-09

Cheese producers in the European Union are seeing a robust demand across the continent. As southern Europe is hit with strong and persistent heatwaves, customers are looking to Central and Northern European producers to meet the demand for cheese. Supplies are tight, however, as seasonal milk output in Europe keeps the availability of cheese at bay.

Current production levels are steady, but spot cheese availability is slim and expected to stay that way for the near future. Aging in warehouses is lower than normal. Yet, despite current demand outrunning current supply, analysts remain neutral on the market tone.

Wholesale Costs of Imported and Domestic Cheese

The following are wholesale prices at distributors docks in dollars per pound for cheese, ranging from 1000-5000 pounds in mixed lot sizes, in the New York area. Prices have decreased for Swiss, but increased for blue, gorgonzola, parmesan and romano. All other cheese varieties are status quo.

  • Blue: Imported - $2.6400 to $5.2300 / Domestic - $2.2825 to $3.7700
  • Gorgonzola: Imported - $3.6900 to $5.7400 / Domestic - $2.7900 to $3.5075
  • Parmesan: Domestic - $2.6725 to $4.7600
  • Romano: Domestic - $3.4725 to $5.6275
  • Sardo Romano (Argentina): Imported - $2.8500 to $4.7800
  • Reggianito (Argentina): Imported - $3.2900 to $4.7800
  • Jarlsberg: Imported - $2.9500 to $6.4500
  • Swiss: Domestic - $3.3000 to $3.6250
  • Swiss (Finland): Imported - $2.6700 to $2.9300

Cheese is an essential part of many cultures, and the demand for cheese is consistently strong. To stay abreast of all the latest developments in the cheese market, both domestic and foreign, keep an eye on our website and follow us on LinkedIn.