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Cheese Producers Feel Impact of Hot July Weather, Gain from Summer Tourism

European milk output is declining due to the hot July weather, causing major trouble for cheese producers. With tightening milk availability already significantly impacting production levels and maintenance schedules, retail cheese demand is steady—though slightly inconsistent due to holiday celebrations in certain areas. Meanwhile, food service cheese demand is strengthening due to summer tourism.

Cheese inventories are reportedly tightening, as strong European demand outstrips current production levels. This week, the wholesale price of blue, gorgonzola, parmesan, and romano cheese in the United States dropped to $1.8075 to $3.2950, respectively.

Other foreign type cheese selling prices in U.S. dollars per pound ranged from $2.6400 to $6.4500 for imported varieties, and $2.1975 to $5.1525 for domestic varieties. No adjustments were made to prices of Sardo Romano, Reggianito, Jarlsberg, and Swiss imported from Finland.

The Big Picture: Consumers, Make Informed Decisions

The cheese market is dynamic, and while cheese producers face the challenge of reduced milk volume, some may ironically benefit from increased demand from summer tourism. However, the source of the cheese still matters—varieties from Europe may incur higher prices due to tight inventories. Whether shopping at retail or for food service, consumers need to understand the nuances of the cheese market to make informed decisions.

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