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Cheese Producers News: Western U.S. Cheese Market Report

As summer temperatures bring reduced milk production, cheese manufacturers in the West are noting robust demand for Class III milk. Despite the decrease in available dairy, cheese manufacturing remains active with most plants running steady production schedules. While spot prices have been accommodating, there is an expectation for them to likely increase in coming weeks.

Wholesale Selling Prices

The release of the current wholesale selling prices for cheese in the western United States from July 17 to 21, 2023 has been issued. Highlights include an uptick of $0.0500 for process American and a $0.1100 increase for Cheddar block, cuts, and Monterey Jack. There was no change in Swiss cut prices.

Latest CME Cheese Pricing

Recent CME cheese pricing shows a downward trend. On July 19, the cost of a cheese barrel was $1.4650 and a block of 40 lbs was costing $1.5850. But on July 18, the same barrel and block of cheese had prices of $1.4575 and $1.5850 respectively. Looking back even further to July 17, the cheesebarrel's cost was $1.4075, and the 40 lb block was a little cheaper at $1.4950.

Cheese consumers and producers should continue to keep an eye on the market in the coming weeks. Price fluctuations can have a huge impact on producers, producers and consumers alike.

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