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Cheese Market News - Cheese Market Keeps Cheese Producers Guessing as of September 22, 2023

The cheese market has been a challenging one for many cheese producers in the US recently. As of September 22, 2023, Class I processors in the Northeast and Midwest are facing a somewhat tight milk supply for cheesemaking, with little to no availability of spot loads in the region, and those that are available coming with higher-than-usual prices.

Cheese demand in the Midwest varies, with seasonal curd sales busy and barrel demand more steady. In the West, retail and food service demands are strong to steady, while export demand is more moderate. In the Northeast, the strongest demand is for cheddar among American-type cheeses, and mozzarella is in high demand due to food service demand.

CME Cheese Pricing Data for the Week of September 18 - 22, 2023

According to the CME, barrels closed at $1.6000 and 40# blocks at $1.7800. The weekly average for barrels was $1.6310 (-0.1855) and blocks, $1.8220 (-0.0790).

Weekly Price Overview

Here’s a look at the weekly overview of cheese pricing between September 18 and 22, 2023:

September 28 - Barrels: $1.4700; Block 40lb: $1.7200
September 27 - Barrels: $1.5200; Block 40lb: $1.7550
September 26 - Barrels: $1.5400; Block 40lb: $1.7575
September 25 - Barrels: $1.5825; Block 40lb: $1.7800
September 22 - Barrels: $1.6000; Block 40lb: $1.7800

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