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Cheese News: Market Prices, Production, and More

Cheesemakers in the Northeastern region of the United States have reported that production has plateaued due to a decline in milk output. The Midwest, however, is enjoying a robust cheese production schedule - although reports of downtime in some active plants have been seen this week, which has created an increase in milk availability. Spot milk prices in the Midwest range from $5 to $3 under Class III.


Cheese demand in both the East and Midwest remain strong. Export sales of cheese in the West have been mixed recently, with steady purchases from Mexico, but some hesitance from purchasers in Asian markets.

Cold Storage Space

Cold storage space has become increasingly available in the Northeast, while Midwest cheese loadsoverall have been moving quickly.

CME Prices as of July 28, 2023

According to CME, barrels closed at $1.7625 and 40# blocks at $1.9075. The weekly average for barrels rested at $1.7925 (+0.2785) and blocks, $1.8720 (+0.2385).

Overall, cheese producers in the United States seem to be in good shape as of July 28, 2023. Spot loads of cheese are available in the West, indicating a strong market.

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