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Cheese Industry News: Market Conditions Improve for Cheesemakers in the weeks Ahead

Cheesemakers in the Central region saw an increase in the spot milk range this week. Prices ranged from $11 under to flat, compared to the same week last year when they ranged from $3 to $1 under Class III. The news was also good for milk handlers and cheesemakers, who are expecting the prices to continue to rise in the near future.

Cheese Demand Depends on Regional Conditions

Market conditions for different types of cheese vary depending on the region. Mozzarella processors in the West have seen slowed pizza-sales, while Midwestern and Eastern cheesemakers have reported steady to strong sales. Barel and cheddar manufacturers from the Midwest have almost worked at capacity in order to fit their customers\' needs, which points to the fact that the market tone has grown in relative strength this week.

CME Cheese Prices and Average Weekly Average an Increase

On the CME, barrel prices closed at $1.3925 and 40 #blcoks at $1.4800. The average for the week for barrels was $1.4005 and blocks was $1.4860 ?Ητ with an increase since the last reported week of .0499 and .1110 respectively.

As the cheese market still continues to unveil its potential, now is the time for cheese businesses to stay informed about the current market conditions, and plan out their near-term expectations accordingly. For all the latest news and information related to the cheese industry, make sure to follow us on our LinkedIn page (